Kleshna Handel

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Kleshna Handel


Kleshna is an accomplished craftswoman, an international presenter and jewellery designer with over 10 years’ experience of tutoring adults.   Her work spans both historic and contemporary crafts, such as soutache, cockades and bangle weaving, and often focusses on textiles or beading.

Today the historical craft of soutache, with its silken braids, carbouchons and other embellishments, is found in brooches, necklaces and other jewellery.  Cockades are decorative rosettes, fashioned out of colourful ribbon.  And Kleshna designed the bangle weaving tool as a quick and easy way to make original bracelets in a wide variety of materials.

She is well known for her ‘can do’ approach when teaching students, whatever their level of knowledge.


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